What We DO

Cost Management Group consists of 5 individual companies who have come together as a cohesive group to service clients in areas such as Accounting Based Payroll Administration, Workers Compensation, Corporate Retirement Plans, Group Medical Benefits, Business Succession Planning, Human Resources, Wireless POS Systems, and Credit Card Services.

Cost Management Group was established to help our business clients address the costs and efficiencies of the products and services that you utilize to help run your business on a daily basis.  In our experience, these services are often bundled and get overlooked or forgotten about once they have been established. Our platform allows our clients to choose the specific services that are important to them and deal directly with each individual company for these services. We call this our "a la carte bundled approach". Meaning that our clients can choose one or all of the services available.  

Cost Management Group has made it a priority to make sure that these products and services are fairly priced for our clients and operating in an efficient manner that is aligned with our clients needs. The initial and the ongoing assessment that we provide for our clients is free of charge. Cost Management Group only receives compensation if our clients implement a product or service. This way, you know that we will do everything in our power in order to ensure that your needs are matched up with the appropriate services & products, otherwise, we do not get paid.


The affiliated partners of Cost Management Group will help you implement more effective strategies, services, and cost saving products to make sure your business needs are aligned properly.  

  • Payroll
  • Workers Compensation
  • Corporate Retirement Plans
  • Group Health Benefits
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Human Resources
  • Credit Card Processing



Our professional staff and affiliated partners have been recognized for their expertise by their respective peers and have also received awards for their accomplishments.


We identify the deficiencies and costs associated with your business services such as payroll, workers compensation, group health benefits, corporate retirement plans, business continuation & succession plans, and credit card services to make sure that these products & services are working efficiently, properly priced, and aligned with your and your employees needs.

Once we identify any issues, we act as consultants in order to  educate our clients  about the appropriate  products and services that will work efficiently and are the most cost effective.

The last phase of our process is to establish a periodic review schedule in order to continuously ensure that our clients are always up to date with regulatory requirements and that their costs are in line with their needs.